Resettable Overload Protection

For EN2500 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP2500EN12 EAN: 5060423984566
For EN2500 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP2500EN24V EAN: 5060423984573
For EN4000 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP4000EN12V EAN: 5060423984580
For EN4000 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP4000EN24V EAN: 5060423984597
For EN5250 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP5250EN12V
For EN5250 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP5250EN24V EAN: 5060423984603
For EN6000 / 8000 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP6000EN12 EAN: 5060423984610
For EN6000 / 9500 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP6000EN24V EAN: 5060423984627
For EN 8000 Long Drum Electric Winch 24vSKU: OLP8000EN24 EAN: 5060423986355
For 8000 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP800024 EAN: 5060423984634
For 9500 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP950012 EAN: 5060423984641
For 12000 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP1200012 EAN: 5060423984504
For 12000 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP1200024 EAN: 5060423984511
For 17500 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP1750012 EAN: 5060423984528
For 17500 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP1750024 EAN: 5060423984535
For 20000 Samurai 12vSKU: OLP2000012 EAN: 5060423984542
For 20000 Samurai 24vSKU: OLP2000024 EAN: 5060423984559
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Model: For EN2500 Samurai 12v


  • Can be used for any winch which uses a HD contactor.
  • Can use either wireless, remote lead or extension socket or a combination of two to operate the winch.
  • Resets after approx. 10 secs.
  • Very accurate amperage trip.
  • Small and easy to install.
  • Waterproof resistor.
  • 1.5m extension included.

Warrior's Overload Protector is used as a safety measure to prevent an overload of current on your electric winch.

The operation is centred around a Shunt Resistor to detect the electric current. This element is very accurate, responsive and easy to use, whilst offering stable performance and low power consumption.

Warrior strongly recommends using a OLP on any recovery winch as this counts as a safety feature when IN and NOT IN use.


For Winch Model Voltage Product Code Trip Level
EN2500 Samurai 12v OLP2500EN12 260A
24v OLP2500EN24V 140A
EN4000 Samurai 12v OLP4000EN12V 280A
24v OLP4000EN24V 160A
EN5250 Samurai 12v OLP5250EN12V 280A
24v OLP5250EN24V 180A
EN6000 / 8000 Samurai 12v OLP6000EN12 400A
EN6000 / 9500 Samurai 24v OLP6000EN24V 200A
EN 8000 Electric Winch 24v OLP80JNK24 220A
EN 8000 Long Drum Electric Winch 24v OLP8000EN24 220A
8000 Samurai 24v OLP800024 200A
9500 Samurai 12v OLP950012 360A
12000 Samurai 12v OLP1200012 370A
24v OLP1200024 250A
17500 Samurai 12v OLP1750012 410A
24v OLP1750024 250A
20000 Samurai 12v OLP2000012 400A
24v OLP2000024 250A
T1000-100 Winch
24v OLPT110S24 2210A
T1000-145 Winch 24v OLPT114S24 260A
T1000-220 Winch 24v OLPT122S24 270A

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