Hoist Wireless Remote Control 240V

ACWRC240 5060423981459


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This specially designed wireless control system is the perfect add-on for any 240v Warrior Power Products hoist fitted with an air socket control system.

A wireless control is a useful accessory for any winch as it allows the operator to move around whilst carrying on hoisting, making the job both easier and safer.

Suitable for models:

  • 240EHA500
  • 240VSH500
  • 240VSH800
  • 240VEHA1000

  • 220VSH500
  • 220EHA500
  • 220VSH800
  • 220VEHA1000

IP Rating - 54

Four Control Modes: ON / OFF / IN / OUT

What's in the box

  • Receiver box with Air Plug
  • Hand Control
  • Lanyard
  • Clear Plastic handset protector
  • Instruction Manual

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